Our Products

Multi-feature back-testing software which includes our powerful trade discovery engine, the Pro Scanner, Intra-day alerts, and back-testing technical signals such as the CML Mammoth Model.

There’s a lot less luck to successful option trading than many people realize. We mean that literally. In a few mouse clicks and 30 seconds, empirically identify patterns that have repeatedly turned a profit over and over again, then see those results with no room for confusion or doubt.

TMP has everything that Stock TradeMachine has, and, in addition to that:


  • Pro Scanner
  • Option back-testing
  • Custom strategy builder
  • Fully researched models with scans and model education videos

At Capital Market Laboratories our goal and driving ethos is simple — to break the information asymmetry that has existed between institutions and retail investors for far too long.

That means that we provide CEO and CFO one-on-one interviews just like institutional investors have access to. 

In that vein, there is no stock research service  available to retail investors like CML Pro, and it is our privilege to provide it, as well as a performance track record verified by an independent audit firm.

We focus on the future — not as in the next year, or even 3-years, but as in the next decade, or even two decades. We focus on the world changing trends that will occur, irrespective of recessions, booms and busts, interest rates, even wars. 

It’s the companies that power these trends, that are the pick-axes to the gold rush, that we have identified as our Top Picks. Let volatility happen, and markets crash. Let recessions happen, and economies spasm. That’s natural — and it will happen. 

We are focused on how the world is changing, and in that space, we have confidence that nothing can stop these trends.

CML Pro is a stand-alone subscription and is not bundled with any other CML product.

The company’s free site, www.cmlviz.com, pushes the envelope of free finance portals.

It features streaming real-time data and news, financial data, stock charting, pivot point charting, financial metric charting, insider trading charting, option back-testing dossiers, custom portfolios, among a host of other benefits.

Built on the same infrastructure as TradeMachine Pro, STM allows for precise stock back-testing, dozens of daily trigger on the Today Tab, and unlimited custom alerts.

Get dozens of technical trading ideas throughout the day, the moment you log into your Stock TradeMachine “Active” dashboard. Save days and weeks of research with tested, technical trades that you can’t get anywhere else.

Enter technical opens and closes, set a back-testing time frame, earnings handling, and instantly find signals that narrow your trades down to only the best-performing models.

Never miss a trade opportunity again with Stock TradeMachine notifications. Get custom text and/or email alerts for specific technical indicators, earnings dates, and more, delivered to your email, phone, or alerts dashboard.